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Infrastructure Consulting

Massive technological leaps though leading to newer architecture, it also paves way for more downtime and unsafe networks. Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C Consulting professionals can help in evolving a management processes that remedies and forbids these difficulties. A proactive methodology is designed that supports emerging technologies, safeguarding the existing infrastructure.

Network design that is meticulously designed enables to build from the customer’s initial investment, saving time and money when migrated to performance-enhancing technologies in the future. This is executed by assessing the existing network architecture and there by provide custom solutions supporting data, image and voice communication necessities. To ensure that the network confirm to the stated requirements, constant monitoring and crosschecks are performed on a regular basis. The following services are offered by Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C Consulting:

  • LAN / WAN Design & Implementation Solutions
  • VPN / Security Architecture Design & Implementation Solutions
  • Multimedia & Video Streaming Solutions

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C Consulting provides expert infrastructure consultation for clients around the globe, round the clock. Quality standards and processes deployed ensure that clients are equipped with consistently superior performance. Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C Consulting possess the perfect traits of flexibility and agility assuring that the client’s infrastructure is always responsive to its business needs.

System Implementation

An application is a solution. The better the solution, the more your company or agency will be able to leverage its services for both employees and clients. Applications developed by Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C integrate an understanding of the need, identification of the data flow and user requirements. We engineer elegant solutions that are usable and simple to implement — adhering to a secure, single-source data flow. Systems are designed using the most-efficient hardware, the right database and the optimal database design.

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C creates software that meets or exceeds your needs with the right programming, the right language, and adheres to the highest standards and best practices. Simply stated: we learn your requirements and turn them into solutions that exceed your expectations and continue to meet your needs as your organization grows into the future. We are experienced in successfully completing all phases of development projects from initiation, requirements, design, development, testing, implementation, and support.

We adopt a disciplined application development and implementation methodology that is based on a consistent framework of proven best practices. What differentiates us is our accurate preparation of documentation, planning for releases, establishment of user acceptance procedures, and testing procedures. We believe that it’s all the processes around code development that make the difference.

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C Technologies development practitioners are constantly exposed to extensive training and development on software quality assurance, programming practices, and latest releases of development tools.

Application Integration

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C’s specialists turn your data into accessible and intelligible information. Gathering data from other systems, both digital and analog, and integrating the bytes into meaningful information, can make the difference between success and failure. If knowledge is power, then integration is king. Automating your information management will enable rapid and precise solutions.

Managed Services

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C provides comprehensive remote managed service solutions .We deliver proactive maintenance services – logging on to customers’ systems daily for a “hands-on’ check of your environment, ensuring system integrity and availability. Our reliable monitoring process determines the overall health of your IT environment, helps us to determine strategies to stabilize and optimize hardware and software, and results in a remediation/optimization plan, which can range from project-based consulting to complete maintenance, based on customer needs and budget.

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C offers different levels of Remote Managed Services coverage, with optional or customizable features, giving you the freedom to choose the degree of protection that is right for your requirements and budget.

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C enjoys long-term relationships with its customers. Our customer service standards and practices help us to stay with our customers even after the engagements are completed, by providing post implementation maintenance and support services. Our Support Group provides extensive helpdesk services to our customers in resolving all the day to day issues after they go live in the implemented systems.


No matter what level of support you require, Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C has a plan to fit. From comprehensive 24-hour service, to specialized Help Desk support, you can choose the best combination of services to keep your system productive. Purchasing maintenance also gives you preferred pricing on the latest software and equipment developments to help you keep current with what we offer.

In addition to our standard support options, we also offer customized support plans.
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