Ingenuity has always been in the forefront of providing solution to Healthcare industry as well as providing solutions for Security Labs. We offer solutions to minimize the gap between the patient and healthcare by bringing best in class solutions which has local as well as global reach allowing quick and highest standard of service delivery.

DNA Database & Case Work Solution

DNA Database & Case Work

Crime scene evidence can produce complex DNA data. Effective interpretation of DNA data helps to find the guilty and free the innocent. However, some methods discard vital DNA data. Criminal justice is hindered when information is unused. TrueAllele computing uses all the data, all the time. It is scientifically validated on mixture data. The Casework produces reliable answers on previously unsolvable DNA evidence. It enhances crime lab efforts through robust software with no contributor limits.

The Casework is an efficient and objective system. It is validated on mixtures of 2 to 10 contributors. It deconvolutes paternity problems and family DNA mixtures.

The Database facilitates evidence-to-evidence and evidence-to-person comparisons. Search and match within or across cases, locally or nationally

Forensic LIMS

Forensic LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

LIMS-plus is a comprehensive case management software tool that integrates evidence tracking, analytical results and lab management information, giving a clear view of your laboratory operations and of every case handled. Increase accuracy and security with barcoding of evidence, strengthening chain of custody and ensuring that reliable inventories are standard practice. Enhance professional communications via tailored and specific report templates that are defined by each laboratory based on the testing discipline. Streamline quality management through uniformity of information involving: recording use of test methods, training records, proficiency test performance, instrument validation, maintenance and performance verification, chemical lot numbers and expiry dates, subpoenas, and courtroom monitoring. Leverage auxiliary applications from JusticeTrax®, such as LIMS-plus DNA for greater efficiency and efficacy in forensic biology; pre-logging of evidence by submitting agencies; and delivery of status updates and results to key stakeholders.


On Demand Medical Exam

Tyto Care is transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. We seamlessly connect people to clinicians to provide the best home examination and diagnosis solutions. With our solution, a healthcare provider can examine your heart, lungs, throat, ears, skin, abdomen, heart rate, and body temperature, and diagnose and treat many of the most common conditions, such as:

  • Ear infections
  • Cold and flu
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Eye irritation
  • Congestion
  • Sinus pain
  • Allergies
  • Sore throat
  • Coughs and upper respiratory issues
  • Bug bites and rashes
  • Constipation and stomach aches

Our solution can also be used by your healthcare provider to monitor chronic conditions and monitor your health after surgery or a procedure.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile Clinics

Ingenuity Technologies L.L.C provides Leading Edge Mobile hospital solutions for Civilian and military use.

The solution comprises of complete truck equipped with 100% certified Medical Equipments 

Field Hospitals

Essentially a hospital on wheels, MSUs are designed to provide on-site surgical services for hospitals renovating operating rooms and to provide additional operating room capacity.  MSUs can support physician groups with insufficient case volume to justify a free-standing Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or provide on-site surgery at correctional facilities.  One value of the MSU is its ability to support disaster readiness applications and international and humanitarian missions

Mobile Surgery Unit
  • Patient surgeries
  • Pre/Post operative care
  • Additional surge unit
  • Sophisticated patient monitoring system
Mobile Emergency Room
  • Diagnosis of injuries
  • Immediate onsite medical treatment
  • Additional Surge capacity
  • Treat sever case onsite
  • Prepare less sever cases for transport
Mobile Specialty Unit/ Rural community outreach Unit
  • Women’s healthcare clinic
  • Breast care center
  • Infant & maternal programs
  • Pediatrics
  • Nutritional clinics
  • Mobile dialysis
Mobile Disaster Response Unit
  • Immediate onsite medical treatment
  • Environmental hazard protection for first responders
  • Treat serve case onsite
  • Can be used as training unit when not in use with patient care
  • General health clinic activities
  • Preventive diagnostics activities


Back end system that integrates with Devices and HRMS

Home Diagnosis / Follow up visits

Provide health diagnosis for patients at Home, Schools, Clubs, Remote clinics, Camps, etc.

Medical Follow up​
  • Monitor Patients released from hospital
  • Monitor Seniors
  • Sleep apnea
  • Machine operators
  • Off shore workers
  • Follow up
DNA Services
  • Best DNA Case Work
  • DNA Database
  • DNA Education
  • DNA Incubators

Backend System that integrate with Devices and HRMS

Hospital Management Services

Hospital Management Services

Keeping your Goals and Objectives in mind, we ascertain specific scope of services to make the hospital self-sustainable through professional management of the hospital. Our team of experienced consultants, supported by data analysis professionals, will identify and implement recommendations to optimize department operations.

We accomplish this optimization by providing results driven action plans, enabling your department/facility to realize goals and operational optimization efficiently. With our key team members’ average of more than 20 years of clinical, operational, leadership and healthcare consulting experience,  We are capable of providing expertise in all areas of hospital operations.

Our Offer:

  • Our client-focused and tailored approach to operational assessments and implementation provides our clients with an edge in the marketplace.
  • Define strategies for operations management
  • Define Time bonded Goals and milestones
  • Deployment of the Professional Manpower
  • Develop policies and protocols for the hospital
  • Policy for appointment of Honorary & Fulltime Consultants along with compensation
  • Training employees including Personal policy manual development to keep employees motivated
  • Tariff restructuring and rationalization
  • Develop quality standards & protocols, accreditation with ISO/NABH/JCI
  • Infection Control and Bio-Medical Waste Management Program
  • Develop patient satisfaction feedback mechanism
  • Marketing Strategy & Business Development..
  • Development of MIS report for the trust to take policy decisions.     
  • Expansion / Development of New Facilities at the hospital.

Hospital Information Management System

Hospital Information Management System

Our HIMS partner is a pioneer in healthcare IT providing enterprise solutions globally, offering solutions for public health, corporate hospitals and medical centers. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare products and services. The partner offers deep expertise in innovative solutions such as electronic medical records, telemedicine, and connected devices such as mobile apps and patient portals, impacting patient safety along with quality of healthcare delivery.

Our Solution harmonizes data from all disparate clinical and financial source systems to deliver it in a usable way to the point of care in support of clinical decision making and to analytics engines based on organizational needs. The impact of our solution has been demonstrated to reduce the cost of care delivery, enables physicians to provide more informed patient care and drives clinical outcomes and improve patient satisfaction and confidence in their care.

Leading researcher in the industry highlighted that “Customers responsible for healthcare desire a platform that enables them to collect data, integrate and act on this public health information”.

By offering our integrated solution, we will enable health policy administrators and authorities to implement and track healthcare policies effectively through the use of population health and central EHRs, as well as empower them to make more informed decisions for safer, more efficient policy implementation.

Covid-19 Solutions

Fast and accurate screening solution for body temperature measurement using Key technology-infrared thermal imaging technology.  All objects emit heat radiation at all times, which is invisible to the naked eye.  Thermal radiation wavelength 8-14μm is not visible to the human eye.  In densely populated areas such as airports, subways, train stations, schools, etc., infrared thermal imaging cameras are used conjunction with black bodies to form a body temperature screening system.

Fast Screening-Human Body Temperature Measurement (Blackbody Solution)

Human body temperature measurement set (including black body) + tripods + computer (can be prepared) + management software.

Recommended scenes: Hospitals, schools, public security, government, corporate parks, airports, railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, etc.

Customs body temperature screening-vertical temperature machine

Recommended scene:
1.Train station, bus stations, airports, hotels, scenic spots, shopping malls and other non-fixed personnel scenarios can use ID + temperature measurement or temperature measurement mode.
2.Face + temperature measurement can be used in fixed personnel scenarios in enterprises, schools, factories, etc.

Customs body temperature screening- Personnel access gate

Personnel access gate + face temperature measurement component + computer (can be prepared) + management software

Recommended scene:
Fixed scenes of internal staff at construction sites, enterprises, schools, factories, etc.

Customs body temperature screening - Security Gate

Security gate + computer (can be prepared) + management software

Recommended scene:
Exhibition halls, stadiums, complexes with fixed security

Face recognition temperature measurement terminal component

Face recognition temperature measurement PAD + computer (can be prepared) + management software (optional mounting bracket can be selected as required)

Recommended scenes

Various non-contact gates, access control, wall-hanging attendance, etc.


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